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Lontong Cap Go Me (Yellow Curry Soup with Rice Cake)
Lontong means rice roll & Cap Go Me is a 15 days period after Chinese New Year. Many people enjoy this unique Indonesian-Chinese dishes on Capgomek occasion. It is a yellow-light-curry soup with chicken and some vegetables including bamboo shoots and rice roll wrapped in banana leaves.

Lontong Sate Ayam (Rice Roll and Chicken Satay)

Lontong Sate Padang (Beef Satay Padang Style - West Sumatra)

Nasi Kuning Lengkap (Complete Yellow Rice)
Coned Yellow Rice is usually served during special feast amongst traditional Indonesian Community. When it says complete, it comes with Indonesian authentic fried chicken, seasoned beef, seafood or vegetables in a big place. Presentation varies from one to another. Often times, it goes with such side dishes as yellow pickles (acar kuning),

Nasi Gudeg Yogyakarta (White Steamed Rice and Green Jackfruit Sweet Stew)
This entree is originally from Yogyakarta and Central Java. It tastes milky sweet.
Nasi Rames/ Nasi Campur (Combo Rice)
This is popular Indonesian rice platter which is actually combo of rice with a little of bit of everything from spiced curry, tasty tofu or tempe, daring beef rendang. This is a good bet for first timer. It can go spicy with sambal terasi (shrimp pasted chillies).

Nasi Rendang Padang (White steamed rice topped with coconut milk marinated beef - somewhat spicy)

Kari Kepala Ikan (Fish Head Curry - Padang Style)

Dendeng Kering Balado (Tasty crispy Beef Jerky with West Sumatra Balado Sauce - it sometimes comes with potato chips)

Sambal Ijo (Literally it means green chilly sauce - occasionally it comes with small anchovies - Padang Style)

Gule Tunjang (Tendon Curry Padang Style)

Ikan Balado (Fish cooked with Balado Spicy Sauce)

Daun Singkong (Yucca Leaves with Curry - sometimes it is replaced with Kale Leaves)

Pepes Ikan Kuning (Yellow Seasoned Fish cooked in banana leave with perilla aroma)

Nasi Uduk Lengkap (Rice cooked in coconut milk and completely sided with Chicken, Beef and other condiments)

Nasi Pecel (White steamed rice topped with some vegetables and peanut sauce and condiments like tempeh, tofu and peanut brittle)

Empek2 Palembang (Special Fish Cake from Palembang, Sumatera and dipped with special sweet sour clear sauce) 

Bacang (This Indonesian-Chinese food is basically sticky rice cake with minced pork inside wrapped in bamboo leaves - like lo makay in dim sum)

Lemper (Indonesian Sushi with sweet seasoned minced chicken inside and wrapped in banana leaves)

Arem-Arem (Stuffed Rice Rolls)

Roti Baso (Meatball Bun)

Bakmi Ayam (Chicken Noodle - very popular as easy practical dish in Indonesia)

Tempe Segar (Fresh Tempeh - Indonesian Specialty)

Risoles is a popular snack food in Indonesia (aka Rissole), commonly filled with ragout and eaten with ketchup or chili sauce

Kroket (Croquette) is a minced meat or vegi shaped into a cylinder, encased in breadcrumbs and deepfried. It is popular snack in Indonesia, especially during and after Dutch colonized Indonesia.

Siomay Bandung (Indonesian interpretation of Chinese Dim Sum called Siumay that comes with tofu with beef, boiled potatoes, boiled eggs and cabbage and dipped with peanut and spicy sauces)

Comro (Sundanese Snack) Comro is Sundanese acronym for "oncom" (fermented soy) and "ro" (inside)

Sus Cake (Indonesian puff cake)

Tahu Gejrot (Crushed Tofu Dish from Cirebon, Java)

Kue Pepek (Layers of steamed cake made of glutinuous rice flour. The popular flavor might be "pandan" leaves or chocolate)

Tape Ketan Hitam (Fermented Black Sticky Rice)

Tape Singkong (Fermented Yucca)

Martabak Manis (Indonesian Thick Crepe Suzettes that comes with cheese or chocolate or chunky peanuts - super sweet)

Serabi Bandung (Bandung - West Java Pancake soaked with palm sugar syrup)

Colenak (Grilled Fermented Yucca and comes with palm sugar syrup. "Chol" and "Enak" are Sundanese words that literally stand for "di-cocol" (dipping) and "enak" (good).

Kue Pisang (Banana Bun)

Wajik (Rice Flour Cake with Palm Sugar)

Talam Ijo (Green colored yucca cake with coconut milk flavor)

Pudding Mocha (Indonesian styled Pudding with mocha taste)

Gemblong (Sugar glazed deep fried flour cake)

Putu Mayang (Noodle like rice flour cake and consumed with palm sugar syrup)

Es Chendol (Shaved Ice with green colored pea flour noodles called chendol and mixed with ripe jackfruit cuts, coconut milk and palm sugar, originally it comes from Java, Indonesia and becomes popular desserts in Malaysia and Singapore)

Es Doger (Shaved Ice with young coconut meat, fermented yucca or black sticky rice and syrup)

Es Teler (Shaved Ice with syrup and condensed milk, riched with avocado, ripe jackfruit slice)

Bandrek (West Java Hot Ginger Drink)
Bajigur (West Java traditional drink, made out of palm sugar and consumed during rainy season)

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